We know starting a new journey especially with a new health care team can be intense. At Looking Glass Chiropractic we aim to make your experience as effortless as possible. 


day 1

The first appointment lasts approximately 1 hour. Before coming in, our Front Desk Coordinator will email you initial intake forms for you to fill out in the comfort of your own home. When you arrive, we have a few privacy forms to fill out, and then begin with our office tour. Dr. Crystal will discuss a comprehensive health history and review the primary reason you came to see us. Next, you will have the neuro-physical examination including neurological tests and state of the art neural efficiency scans with the Insight Subluxation Station. If the doctor finds you need x-rays, we will refer you to our partners at In Health Imaging. The office is designed for families. Feel free to bring your littles if necessary.


day 2

The next visit you will get to go over the results of your neurological exam and scans. At this time, the doctor gives you a personal action plan specific to your neurological needs. You also begin care this visit with your first adjustment! This visit is approximately 30 minutes.


progressive exams 

We don’t like to guess with your care. That’s why we design progressive exams into your care plan with appropriate intervals. This way we both know how well your nervous system is able to adapt to life’s stressors. This visit is approximately 30 minutes. You will get re-scanned and all neurological tests performed. You will conclude the visit with an adjustment. On your next visit, we go over your comparison results right before you get adjusted that day.