Our Philosophy

Looking glass chiropractic

We welcome all ages and stages of life at The Looking Glass. We work as a team from the moment you first connect with us to the moment you have your first adjustment and beyond. You may be looking for help with specific conditions or looking to increase your energy and awareness. Whatever you seek and wherever you are at, we will meet you there. 

Everyone starts their chiropractic journey at different stages. We know that there are two stages of being: Growth and Protection. All of your life's journey, bumps in the road, and experiences led you to where you are today. If your journey started as one in a state of health, you are able to grow in all facets of life. If your journey began as one in a state of defense, you are naturally put into a protection mechanism.

Your body is designed to work at full potential. You may encounter obstacles. However, your body should be able to adapt and allow proper functioning. If this adaptation does not occur, that is when there is interference in the beautiful system. 

Through chiropractic care, we balance the nervous system; allowing balance of the mind, body, and spirit. Let us know where you are looking to go and how we can help you get there!